Человек из мая (wake_) wrote in openmeta,
Человек из мая

Отрывок из интервью с Джоном ЛаВалем

У Бэндлера есть формула для манипуляции субмодальностями через рассказывание историй:

Q: Is it true Richard (Bandler) once said that sub modalities where a set of algorithms 64 non-linear variables?

Richard was primarily a mathematician and computer programmer, and musician. He never was a Gestalt therapist, he only spent some time with Fritz Perls to help him finish a book.

So the idea about how to manipulate sub modalities and how to make things work and how to transform them into language... so how can you use language to adjust those 64 non-linear variables to affect sub modalities. Richard extrapolated that from predicate calculus and a few other things and created a formula for how that would work.

People don't realize how easy it is to adjust other peoples sub modalities just through language, without giving them an explicit set of instructions.

Richard was a programmer. he knows how language works, and how programming works and how mathematics works, so he figured how to put these together. That's why early on Richard was much more able to do things than explain them. He was much better at doing them than explaining things. He can zap a formula through his mind then say something in a story kind of format and effect a change, which is why he is as good as he is at what he does.

Взято с http://www.nlpmind.com/dhe.htm
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