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The Couples Conference Moves to Boston - March 2005!
LOVE and INTIMACY: THE COUPLES CONFERENCE March 4-6, 2005, Omni Parker Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts
FACULTY INCLUDES: Ellyn Bader, Frank Dattilio, Helen Fisher, Susan Johnson, Pat Love, Peggy Papp, Terry Real, Janis Spring, and Jeffrey Zeig.
TOPICS: Antidepressants in Couples Therapy Hot Monogamy Affairs and Forgiveness Hypnosis in Sex Counseling Attachment Theory Relational Empowerment Relational Recovery Changing Belief Systems Acceptance - Healing Intimate Wounds Developing Creative Solutions Competence and Challenges …and more!

Secure Online Registration and Full Conference Brochure Available!
19.0 Continuing Education Hours Available!

REGISTRATION FEES VALID THROUGH DECEMBER 8, 2004: $349 - U.S. Professionals $249 - U.S. and Foreign Graduate students/Interns, Foreign Professionals

DAY TICKETS: $160 per day for all attendees choosing to attend only one or two days of the Conference.
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! ATTEND FREE OF CHARGE! Full time graduate students and interns can assist the faculty and staff of the Erickson Foundation and attend the Conference

FREE OF CHARGE! Volunteers work an average of four hours per day; when not on assignment, volunteers may attend any sessions they choose.

For more volunteer information and application forms contact:
ACEI - P.O. Box 17980, St. Paul, MN 55117
Tel: 651-487-3001 Fax: 651-489-3387

To view the Online brochure, click on the link to the right! To receive a complete brochure by mail:
The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc. 3606 N. 24th Street Phoenix, AZ 85016-6500 Tel: 602-956-6196 / Fax: 602-956-0519
E-mail: Include your complete mailing address with your request.

The Couples Conference is being held at: OMNI PARKER HOTEL 60 School Street, Boston, MA 02108 Tel: 617-227-8600 Fax: 617-742-5729

When making reservations, mention you are attending the Erickson Foundation Conference to receive the reduced room rates. The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc., sponsors this innovative meeting with organizational assistance provided by The Couples Institute, Menlo Park, California.
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