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- New Year’s Letter on World Camp Brazil, Vision and Cooperation -
Dear Colleagues and Friends,
A new year has begun, a time of orientation onto the future. This year it is also a time of compassion, thinking of the tragedy in Asia. And an appeal to all of us, to protect, enrich and unfold life within and around us, everyone with it's own possible means.

Looking out worldwide for people and institutes engaged in new areas of change work, personal growth and communication, we send you still happy New Year’s greetings from METAFORUM international , our "Academy for Integrative Communication". For 18 years we have been involved in sharing and integrating major new approaches of communication and change work. We are engaged in:

° Systemic and Neuro-Linguistic Coaching
° Systemic Constellation Work
° NLP - in the form of Neuro-Linguistic Process Development
° Hypnotherapy in the tradition of Milton Erickson

In this newsletter we want to inform you about our integrative approach to change work and our upcoming amazing international training project, the "World Camp", taking place this coming February in Brazil. We want to share our vision and invite you for international networking and cooperation.

May this year release and manifest even more of the good and powerful seeds within and around us.

Bernd Isert and the team of METAFORUM international

These are the topics:

- Integrative Approach to Change Work
- Our Academy
- The World Camp in Brazil, February 2005
- Events in Europe
- Our Vision
- Invitation for Participation and Cooperation
For further information and feedback about the content in this newsletter, please contact us by sending an email to or by visiting our website: (English) or (German).

The Integrative Approach to Change Work
Our approach to human change work is integrative. We believe that different ways are necessary to reach the whole human and social system, which influences one’s life. Our contribution for a changing world is to share the most developed and most practical models and methods with you. As mentioned above, they are:

° Systemic and Neuro-Linguistic Coaching
° Systemic Constellation Work
° NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Process Development
° and Hypnotherapy in the tradition of Milton Erickson

These four already form a good and powerful team for change work and coaching. And they invite other disciplines to participate.
Becoming an expert and combining these methods makes every session unique, gives us the building blocks to become profound and effective coaches, counselors, communicators or therapists. It opens and deepens the focus on patterns, not yet often explored. Some of the areas considered are ...

° the relationships between conscious and unconscious parts of a person
° the relationships between thinking, acting, awareness and experiencing
° the path of life and its patterns, wounds, teachings, cures and challenges
° the patterns of relationships, social systems, families, companies or cultures - and ways to cure them
° the power of language, imagination and the ways of re-organizing experiences
° much more pathways from internal problem space to solution space

Our Academy
METAFORUM international, founded 18 years ago by Bernd Isert, has meanwhile become the major German institute for new ways of communication and change work, like NLP and Coaching, year by year offering a residential training camp in Hungary and another camp in the winter, which has now become the World Camp in Brazil.
We have sponsored major international trainers in Europe in the field of NLP, such as Robert Dilts, John Grinder, Stephen Gilligan, Christina Hall, Joseph O’Connor, Robert Mc Donald, Tom Best and others.
As our integrative approach to human change suggests, our programs include:

° Systemic Coaching and Integrative Coaching
° Systemic Constellation Work
° NLP (Practitioner to Trainer)
° Mediation
° Hypnotherapy
° Mental Training
° Kinesiology and more

The most popular programs in Europe are meanwhile Systemic Constellation Work and Coaching. At the same time we are introducing a reformed, systemic NLP, called NLPd: Neuro-Linguistic Process Development.

The 2nd World Camp in Brazil
Mendes, State Rio de Janeiro, February 13th - March 04th, 2005
This February, for the second time, we are organizing an international and intercultural residential training in Brazil, close to Rio de Janeiro, right after the carnival - inviting people from Brazil and all over the world. The main camp language is English.
Related Internet sites:
English program of the World Camp:
Detailed brochure for download:
Complete program of Metaforum in German
Last year’s photo album:
More Information on the World Camp:
What participants will find
The Trainer Team
The Programs
Course of Events and Cultural Program
The Location
Feedback from Last Year

What participants will find:

° Summer and an extraordinary landscape
° original vital force and heartiness
° an international trainer team from 5 different continents
° future-oriented training that allows getting ahead
° international and intercultural inspiration
° special encounters with like-minded people from other cultures
° special selfness programs

The Trainer Team
Our international trainer team from 5 different continents:
Joseph O’Connor
Great Britain, Brazil
Andrea Lages O’Connor
Dr. Jairo Mancilha
Arline Davis
USA, Brazil
Tom Best
Laureli Blyth
USA, Australia
Heidi Heron
Peter Wrycza
Bali, Indonesia
Consuelo Casula
Sabine Klenke
Martina Schmidt-Tanger
Bernd Isert

The Programs
Most training programs consist of two parts of 9 days each, which you may book separately or together. A complete NLP or Coaching training with international certification requires attendance of all 18 days of training. It is possible to do this in successive years. The trainings will be taught in English.

INTEGRATIVE COACHING - February 13 - March 04, 2005
The most important and effective methods for professional coaching
and their integration into a holistic system of order.
Certification: ECA, DVNLP, ICI
Investment: 2,300 Euro / 2,800 US $
Course A: February 13 - 22, Neuro-Linguistic Coaching
Trainers: Bernd Isert, Laureli Blyth, Jairo Mancilha, Martina Schmidt-Tanger
Course B: February 23 - March 04, Systemic Coaching
Trainers: Bernd Isert, Sabine Klenke
INTEGRATIVE CONSTELLATION WORK - February 13 - March 04, 2005

The focus in this training will be both on the basic concepts and on the latest developments of systemic constellation work: starting from the models according to Bert Hellinger up to their modifications and creations by Insa Sparrer, Matthias Varga von Kibed and others. The trainers will offer new models, such as “Systemdialog,” an amazing form of constellation work, using figures for one-to-one coaching.
Investment: 1,800 Euro / 2,190 US $
Course A: February 13 - 22, Families and Personal Development
Course B: February 23 - March 04, Organizations, Jobs and Mental Structures
Trainers: Sabine Klenke, Bernd Isert

INTERNATIONAL NLP: Practitioner-, Master-, Trainer Training
The most versatile and proven qualification for coaching, psychotherapy and communication.
Certification: DVNLP, NLP-IN, Society of NLP, IANLP

INTERNATIONAL NLP-PRACTITIONER - February 13 - March 04, 2005
Investment: 1,650 Euro / 2,010 US $
Course A: February 13 - 22, NLP for Business and Communication
Trainers: Arline Davis, Heidi Heron, Jairo Mancilha
Course B: February 23 - March 04, NLP for Health and Personal Development
Trainers: Arline Davis, Laureli Blyth, Tom Best, Jairo Mancilha

INTERNATIONAL NLP-MASTER - February 13 - March 04, 2005
Investment: 1,750 Euro / 2,130 US $
Course A: February 13. - 22., NLP for Health and Personal Development
Trainers: Laureli Blyth, Sabine Klenke, Tom Best
Course B: 23.02 - 04.03., NLP for Business and Communication
Trainers: Heidi Heron, Tom Best, Jairo Mancilha

INTERNATIONAL NLP-TRAINER - February 13 - March 04, 2005
Investment: 2,200 Euro / 2,680 US $
Course A: February 13 - 22, Presentation Skills
Trainers: Tom Best, Heidi Heron,
Guest trainer: Martina Schmidt-Tanger, Joseph O’Connor, Andrea Lages O’Connor
Course B: February 23 - March 04, Leading Groups and Teaching NLP
Trainers: Tom Best, Laureli Blyth, Jairo Mancilha

ERICKSONIAN HYPNOTHERAPY - February 13 - 22, 2005
Trainers: Jairo Mancilha, Consuelo Casula
This hypnotherapy training combines the essential concepts of Ericksonian hypnosis and neuro-linguistic change work and adds to it further classic inductions.
Certification: Milton Erickson Institute, Rio de Janeiro
Investment: 900 Euro / 1,100 US $

REINVENT YOURSELF - February 13 - 19, 2005
Trainers: Joseph O’Connor, Andrea Lages O’Connor
Go away from your normal life for seven days and develop yourself in mind, body and spirit. Become mentally quicker, intuitively more creative and physically fitter. You will have the physical and mental space to appreciate who you really are and who you really want to be.
Investment: 1,090 Euro / 1,330 US $

DYNAMICS OF DEEP TRANSFORMATION - February 21 - March 04, 2005
Tuning into and influencing the life patterns and personal epistemology of our clients.
A unique seminar for therapists, counselors, and life coaches. Participants will
learn to master the dynamics of deep transformation and experience deep transformation themselves.
Investment: 1,290 Euro / 1,575 US $
More detailed information on content and prices can be found on our homepage at
Prices for still developing countries, such as Brazil or other countries in South America, Eastern Europe, Asia or Africa, will be half of those published here.
Course of Events and Cultural Program
The seminars are held from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. The 3-week training sessions start on February 13th at 3:30 p.m. From Saturday afternoon on, the weekends are at your own disposal. Those who would like to take off a whole weekend will be able to do the course work in a different way.
In addition to the courses, a cultural program will be offered. It will allow you to immerse yourself into our host country’s culture.

° dancing lessons: samba, forro, lambada and other dances
° Peruvian Shamanism in the tradition of the Inca people
° beginner’s course in Portuguese
° selected presentations by Brazilian experts
° classical concerts
° Capoeira, the Afro-Brazilian martial art
° as well as a various optional activities, such as hiking, riding, swimming, rock climbing in an outdoor climbing garden, excursions to Rio, the neighboring towns and more

The Location
Our venue is the "Fazenda Paineras, Hotel e Parque Ecologigo" - an expansive, park-like area, which is situated amidst beautiful mountainous scenery. The lush natural surroundings include unspoiled native flora and fauna. The provincial town Mendes is nearby. Rio de Janeiro can be reached in a one-hour car ride. If you want to experience the real Brazil and its people, if you don’t need a luxurious hotel and if you love the summer, you will get what you are looking for here. For more detailed information, please have a look at
On the grounds of the Fazenda, hiking paths and ecologically educational walks invite you to spend leisure time outdoors. On the site of the Fazenda, there is a climbing area for outdoor training and a big swimming pool, as well as a gym, a sports field and table tennis tables. Various pieces of sports equipment can be rented from the reception. Riding horses are at your disposal. If you register beforehand, guided tours to historic coffee fazendas as well as other sights in the vicinity can be organized. The lively city of Mendes is only 2 kilometers away; the university town of Vassouras with its beautiful colonial buildings and coffee fazendas is 15 kilometers away and can be easily reached by bus or cab in 30 min.
The vibrant Rio de Janeiro with its beaches is only a one-hour car ride away and is an ideal destination for weekend trips. If you want to travel to Rio de Janeiro, we are happy to help you find low-priced but good hotels.
Buses are running regularly between Mendes and Rio de Janeiro. The bus ride to Rio takes about 90 min and is very inexpensive. A cab costs about 50 $.
Weekend trips to the breathtaking tropical beaches along the coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro (e.g. to Itacurusa) can also be booked.
Full board at the Fazenda for three weeks starts at only 525 Euro / 641 US $!
We organize flights from Germany only. Participants will have to book their own flights to Rio de Janeiro, arriving on February 12th or earlier, and leaving at the 5th of March. We will take care of transportation from the airport to the venue by taxi or bus. Please let us know when and how you will arrive.
Feedback from last year’s World Camp
Henrick Lell (participant in the NLP Trainer training): Great experience and nice investment into the future! "As a teacher in psychotherapy and an NLP trainer I can really say that the trainer training in Brazil was great. Having a new high level trainer every two or three days offered a nice variety of teaching styles and priorities. Throughout the whole training presentation skills, methods and confidence were built up in a very systematic and comprehensive way. I now stay much more in the balance of focus and ease, presentations come more naturally and I much more feel at home in my full potential while presenting whatever material.
Due to the nice weather at that site at that time of the year most parts of the training could take place in the very well maintained gardens of the Fazenda where the immense richness of flours and greens was just breathtaking. The calm and peaceful atmosphere of the Fazenda adds to the recreational effect of this training.
On the whole, I have gained a high level of competence and confidence in a wonderful environment with lots of fun and recreational aspects enjoying professional training at its highest level combined with Brazilian music, rhythm and attitude. Great experience and nice investment into the future!"
Other voices: "I would have never thought of going to Brazil on my own, but now that I’m here I have to say: It’s fantastic!" (Sabine, Practitioner training) + "I love the international and intercultural composition of the groups." (Michael, Coaching training) + "The Brazilians and their warm human touch have deeply moved me." (Sabine, Trainer)

Events in Europe
If you cannot come to Brazil, but would like to meet us in Europe, we recommend our Summer Camp at lake Balaton in Hungary from July 26th to August 13th, 2005.
There, we will offer even more programs, but the main language of the camp will be German, even though everybody will speak English and we will provide translation into English as well.. One program will be in English anyway and gives you an essence of the work of a world-famous hypnotherapist and a nice insight into the Summer Camp as a whole.

with Dr. Stephen Gilligan (USA)
Hungary, Lake Balaton, August 1st to 6th, 2005
Investment: 850 Euro
And here are interesting international seminars in Germany:

with Dr. Michael Grinder (USA)
Bielefeld, March 24th to 26th, 2005

with Robert Dilts (USA)
Bielefeld, April 8th to 10th, 2005
Investment: 420 Euro

mit Robert Dilts (USA)
Hamburg, October 25th to 26th, 2005
Investment: 450 Euro

Our Vision
The World Camp in Brazil and many other activities are part of a larger vision.
We may call it:

° integration of wisdom and solutions,
° integration of people,
° creating and communicating solutions for the problems of this wounded world

For years now we have not only been focusing on one discipline, but have been integrating different disciplines of change, which complement each other and provide a broad spectrum of wisdom, methods and insight for a changing world. Within our camps we have created a systemic and humanistic frame, where all those models find their right place and unfold their potential. The disciplines itself are changing ...
° NLP: We are about to reform this field as we believe that NLP deserves it. Years ago, we already changed the mechanistic word "programming" within NLP into "process-work" and have now replaced it with "process-development". But changing the name stands for much more, from attitude to methods and style.

° Systemic Constellation Work has grown out of the shoes of the great Bert Hellinger, even though he remains a master within this field. The "Structure Constellation Work" from Sparrer and Varga von Kibed opens the work to all kinds of systems and structures aside families and provides a generalized frame for it. Many other developments, like our "System-Dialog", make constellation work a very powerful tool for the coaching of single clients and teams.
° Hypnotherapy is somehow a connecting line, very important for doing advanced NLP and good constellation work, while those disciplines immensely expand the power and options hypnotherapy can offer.
° Coaching is a main area of application, it needs methods and skills - and depending on how it is filled, the field represents a high variety regarding content, quality and effectiveness. So it’s important, to select the best composition of ingredients and to express the content behind the label. An essential part of it, and this applies to all these points, are the ethic standards and the personal development of the coach - which might be an always ongoing process.
° There are many fields and applications to extent this list, such as working with body, energy and neurology, including applied kinesiology with all its variations. On the other hand, working with larger social systems or intercultural work, such as the need for building bridges between religions.

Our vision is an international community for human change work and communication with the World Camp at its centre, which continuously offers new solutions for problems that the world is still suffering from.
We want to connect people internationally and interculturally. Thus, the learning takes place in many directions and whatever we teach is practically applied and filled with life and joy. This could be complemented by other projects and national activities, publications and, of course, a well-organized and promoted website, where all members are represented and can contribute.
We want to cooperate in a network with serious and creative partners who offer human change work within different disciplines and countries, increasing the chances for worldwide exchange, recognition and power to change. What we have in mind is an "International Community for Human Change Work", maybe short "IC". Globalization is not only made for big companies.
An event, like the yearly World Camp, would be an integrating point for such a development. Sponsors of this event would be active partners of the network and they could participate in the results, just as they contribute.

Invitation for Participation and Cooperation
Well, this vision as described above is not yet realized, but it is already on its way and the World Camp has already proven itself to be successful. We have a wide experience in all those disciplines we offer as well as long-term experience (since 1990) in organizing camps. We are already cooperating with good partners, as you can see here as well as here
Now we want to invite you to become a partner of this network we are going to create and to become a cooperator as well in realizing the upcoming World Camp. An event, such as the World Camp, can only live up to its potential, if we realize it as an international cooperation.
Here are our invitations for you:

° Participate yourself in the World Camp and expand your knowledge and experience by learning about the latest developments of Coaching, Systemic Change Cork, NLP and the amazing Systemic Constellation Work. Expand the variety of your offers with methods and models for the future that are new and go beyond your present field.
° Become a co-sponsor of the upcoming World Camp in Brazil, inform your people about this opportunity and receive a commission of 20% of the seminar fee when recommending a participant (which may also be you). Informing people about and motivating them for this unique event could be a good base for further steps of cooperation as well, even in the area of training. If you are recommending the camp by banners or links, we will include your banner or link into our site of worldwide partners, informing about your international events as well.
° Become a partner of the future "International Community for Human Change Work". As a first step we are creating a website where all the partners can introduce themselves and publish their works. We will recommend our network partners within the World Camp and everywhere.
° Participate in sharing the latest developments in Systemic Constellation Work and Systemic Coaching, enrich, what you offer to others, join the integrative approach.
° Participate in creating and sharing an advanced and reformed NLP, the Neuro-Linguistic Process Development, making this a powerful international project. So your future NLP programs could make a difference in attitude, content and even in name: NLPd. Your contribution for an enriched and reformed NLP is welcome and will be published and valued, as you will partake in the contribution of others. Our contribution, for example, will be available in English soon.
Maybe only one of those points is interesting for you. That’s already one reason to contact us.
Here are our ideas and concepts for informing the world about the Camp:
° Copy the chapter about the World Camp within this email and make a newsletter out of it or distribute the PDF file, which is attached to this mail.
° Publish information on the World Camp on your website.
° Implement commented links or our banner on your website. We have a special system that allows us to backtrack whether somebody interested in the camp is coming from your site and can thus guarantee you the 20% commission.
° See below a description on how to implement a banner or a link.
° As the World Camp already starts on February 13th, all these actions should be realized as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we did not find you earlier.
Now that we have offered you such a lot of hopefully interesting information, it is only up to us to wish you a wonderful way into the New Year, much fulfillment, happiness, prosperity and whatever else is important for you.

All the best from
Bernd Isert and the team of METAFORUM international
This Letter was sent to you by:

METAFORUM international
P.O. Box 74 02 37
D-13092 Berlin
Phone: ++49-(0)30 - 944 14 900
Fax: ++49-(0)30 - 944 14 901
Please feel free to forward this letter to others. In case you don’t want to get information from us in the future, please answer this mail with the word "cancel". If you would, however, like to receive information regularly, please write "regularly".

How to implement a link or a banner of the Word Camp on your website:
You can easily insert a banner or a link on your website that recommends the World Camp. A banner is more visual, but we also recommend a short information text about the World Camp connected with a link as given below.
If you would like to insert a Banner, you can get it from here:
The size is: height: 60 pixels, width: 468 pixels.
You can insert that path into your html file or copy the banner and insert it into your site.
Whether you insert a banner or a written link: You need a hyperlink address, which will lead the user to the World Camp program, located on a website that we have particularly created for that purpose. All you have to do, is to assign the right hyperlink to the banner or link. Here it is:
In order to guarantee that we can track where the person that reaches our website comes from, the link must include your email address. An example: your email address is Then the link for the banner must look as follows:
This is how it works: A user, clicking on the banner or on the link on your website, reaches our site and your email address is also transmitted at that moment. The user can now study the complete program. To get into contact with us, they need to fill in a small form, giving their name and email. Via email, this request is sent to our office as well as to you, so that you and we know who is coming through your site. And this one click can bring you a share of 430 Euro, if the user, for instance, becomes a participant in the coaching training.
For a link to our German website, please follow the instruction but replace the codes with the following:
The link to access the German banner is:
The hyperlink to the German World Campus website is: EMAIL ADDESS
Do you still have questions? Write us an email:!
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