July 8th, 2004

Tucker and Theisen, Inc., Publishers

Dear Friends,
ZTT has released its 2004 catalogue. You will find new titles such as :

James Masterson s A Therapist s Guide to the Personality Disorders
Featuring a 162 question self-assessment review, this book is perfect for course adoption. A distillation of the Masterson Approach, this book is a must-have for anyone in the field.
ISBN: 1-932462-09-0 2004 Softcover, 187 pages $24.95

Stephen Gilligan s The Legacy of Milton H. Erickson: Selected Papers of Stephen Gilligan
A collection of papers culled from years of experience with Milton Erickson providing insight on how the student becomes the teacher and the parallel of their works.
ISBN: 1-891944-90-8 2002 Hardcover, 360 pages $44.95

Stephen Lankton s Assembling Ericksonian Therapy
A Seventeen year compilation of Milton Erickson s work; covering Ericksonian Hypnosis and Therapy, Brief Therapy, Metaphor, Anxiety and Trauma
ISBN: 1-932462-10-4 2004 Hardcover, 296 pages $39.95

Bert Hellinger s Peace Begins in the Soul
The application of family constellations on conflicts between cultures and among religions, this book explores: Christianity and Islam, African Americans and European Americans, warring factions, and conquerors and the vanquished.
ISBN: 1-932462-02-3 2003 Softcover, 178 pages $31.95

Paul Gibney s The Pragmatics of Therapeutic Practice
The identification of the dynamics that can allow the co-creation of a therapist-client working relationship, this book shows how to preserve an inquiring and compassionate mind
ISBN: 1-932462-12-0 2003 Softcover, 180 pages $34.95

Eva Madelung s Entering Inner Images
An integration of NLP, De Shazer short-term therapy, Heidelberger family therapy and Hellinger s family constellations, this book is rooted in art therapy and systematic work to enable meaningful connection at the counseling, self-help and group levels.
ISBN 1-932462-05-8 2004 Softcover, 208 pages $29.95

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