July 14th, 2004

Several upcoming hypnosis trainings

I want to let you know of several upcoming hypnosis trainings I'll be doing that might be of interest to you and/or your colleagues.
I'll be doing introductory level hypnosis trainings:
1) next month (August 2-5) in Niagara Falls (half-days of workshop, the rest of the days free to explore the area, sponsored by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy);
2) in October in San Diego (three full days sponsored by my Institute, followed by three more full days at the internediate/advanced level);
3) in January in San Francisco (the same 6 day format as in San Diego in October, co-sponsored by Alliant International University); and, 4) in Las Vegas in January (three full days, sponsored by the Community Counseling Center).
For more details on these (including who to contact for more information about the courses and how to register) and my other upcoming trainings, as always, you can visit my website (www.yapko.com) and click on "Teaching Schedule."
Finally, despite the return address of this message being on AOL, I have moved and now have new e-mail and mailing addresses. Please adjust your address book accordingly:
My new e-mail address, effective immediately, is MichaelYapko@adelphia.net. My new mailing address is P.O. Box 487, Fallbrook, CA. 92088-0487. Please send all correspondence to the new addresses.
Thank you!
All best wishes,

Просьба выступить экспертами

Прошу уважаемых опенметисов и опенметисок выступить экспертами вот в этой теме:
вот в таком ее повороте:
А конкретно, прошу описать свой опыт, ответив на три типа вопросов:
1 Проверьте предварительно, как Вы можете видеть/осознавать свой собственный нос, края век, края глазниц в бодрствующем состоянии и с открытыми глазами (при взгляде куда-то прямо - т.е. рассматривать нос, перекашивая глаза не надо:))
2 Можете ли вы видеть/осознавать то же, что и в пп1 с ЗАКРЫТЫМИ глазами?
3 Осознаете ли вы то же, что и в пп1 во сне/сновидении?