January 4th, 2005

METAFORUM international

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- New Year’s Letter on World Camp Brazil, Vision and Cooperation -
Dear Colleagues and Friends,
A new year has begun, a time of orientation onto the future. This year it is also a time of compassion, thinking of the tragedy in Asia. And an appeal to all of us, to protect, enrich and unfold life within and around us, everyone with it's own possible means.

Looking out worldwide for people and institutes engaged in new areas of change work, personal growth and communication, we send you still happy New Year’s greetings from METAFORUM international , our "Academy for Integrative Communication". For 18 years we have been involved in sharing and integrating major new approaches of communication and change work. We are engaged in:

° Systemic and Neuro-Linguistic Coaching
° Systemic Constellation Work
° NLP - in the form of Neuro-Linguistic Process Development
° Hypnotherapy in the tradition of Milton Erickson

In this newsletter we want to inform you about our integrative approach to change work and our upcoming amazing international training project, the "World Camp", taking place this coming February in Brazil. We want to share our vision and invite you for international networking and cooperation.

May this year release and manifest even more of the good and powerful seeds within and around us.

Bernd Isert and the team of METAFORUM international
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