May 31st, 2005

The cult of Ken Wilber

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The cult of Ken Wilber
by Michel Bauwens
What has gone wrong with Ken Wilber?

It is during these years that Ken's great enemy started to be the Narcissism of the baby boom generation, that he started saying that the key problem of the world, is not the greed for profit and the ecological destruction, the unsustainable psychology of the new work ethos, or the pauperization of the Third World that results from neoliberalism, no, it is the political correctness of the postmodern academics in the U.S.! Does the bell start to ring? Could it not simply be that my essay's great crime was not to mention him enough?? Could his rage not be explained by wounded narcissism, and would that not shed light on the development of his own theory, and his siding with the neoconservatives in the culture wars? On a little side note, a friend of mine, who was trying to make a synthesis of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Spiral Dynamics, and also asked for advice, received a similar email attack - from Don Beck, about whom we will speak later. But just remember the similarity in style and approach.