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Viewing stereograms

Спасибо evgenievich за интересный материал.

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A very powerful means by which you make your left and right brain cooperate immediately is viewing stereograms. It may take a a little practice before you see the three-dimensional (3D, spatial) images. Some circumstances make it impossible to see the 3D image. These are: one blind eye, one very dominant eye, one eye being short-sighted, the other far-sighted.

You will find the stereograms on the front cover of this course book and on page 27.

The most relaxed way of viewing a stereogram is by placing the focus of your eyes behind the page. The dots or small images on the page will merge on your retina and your brain will perceive the 3D image. Some images can best be seen by crossing your eyes, but this is straining for the eye muscles. When you use the 3D picture in the back of this course book, hold it at reading distance with the two dots at the bottom. If your focus is at the right distance behind the page, the two dots seem to be three of them. Move your eyes to the picture and you will see the 3D image. If this does not work, hold the page against your nose, as if you are looking through a window with your nose touching it. Relax your eyes (put them on infinite). Keep your eyes in this relaxed state and move the page slowly away from you, until you see the three dots and the 3D image.

View stereograms 8 to 10 minutes a day. It has more advantages, like taking you into an alpha (relaxed, receptive) or theta state (deep meditation) immediately, (eye) relaxation, increased blood flow and more connections in the visual parts of the brain, better visualisation, increased creativity and stress reduction.
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